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    Nici Darvin

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  • Barb 4D (2)

    First Lift Barb 4D

    (Polski) Nowa wyjątkowa nić PDO ze specjalnie opracowanym systemem mikroskopijnych haczyków.

    Do tej pory haczyki były tylko po jednej stronie nici, teraz rozłożone są gęsto dookoła nici w dwóch kierunkach, tzw. czterech wymiarach. Dodatkowo nić jest dużo grubsza od tradycyjnej nici PDO, co maksymalizuje efekt liftingu.

  • nic-s

    Happy Lift

    Regain your youth without scalpels and scars!

    Happy Lift is an innovative range of threads for face lifting. No surgical procedure is necessary. The threads are naturally absorbed into the body, their effects on the skin are instantly visible and last up to 5 years. You leave the clinic looking ten years younger after only several minutes of treatment!

  • igły

    Princess LIFT

    Rejuvenate your skin without a scalpel!

    The procedures using the innovative First Lift threads spectacularly improve skin structure! They can be applied in almost all areas of the body, including the forehead and the area around the eyes. The presence of PDO threads in tissues strengthens muscles and tendons and increases the density and elasticity of the skin.

    Improve the firmness of the skin on your face, bust, buttocks, abdomen and legs!

  • nic-s


    Innovative threads for body lifting without a scalpel!

    Meso Cogs – absorbable threads designed to be applied in all regions of the body. The special Fill Hydration Technique boosts the proliferation of collagen in the dermis due to stimulation of fibroblasts.

    Improve the face oval, firm up your chin, arms and belly. Sculpt your breasts, buttocks and thighs!

  • logo_vaginal_narrower_CMYK-color


    Vaginal Narrower threads are an absolute novelty on the Polish market!

    Restoring the attractiveness to your intimate parts has never been this easy! Feel fully feminine again!

  • barb2실

    First Lift Barb

    (Polski) Nowy wymiar liftingu!

    Innowacyjna metoda walki z upływem czasu w postaci nici First Lift Barb wzmacnia skórę i unosi ją, dając naturalny efekt natychmiastowego liftingu. Dzięki specjalnie zaprojektowanej igle o ultra cienkiej ściance, zabieg jest łatwy do wykonania, mniej inwazyjny i bolesny niż dotychczas, a także nie pozostawia żadnych śladów.

  • Nici Darvin

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  • First Lift Barb 4D

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  • Happy Lift

    Happy Lift, the innovative, fully absorbable threads for non-invasive face lifting, are an excellent way to turn back your age clock and look ten years younger! With the cutting-edge method of introducing the threads into the subcutaneous tissue quickly and easily, you can get rid of wrinkles and flaccid, tired skin – especially in the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, jaws and neck areas – and feel young again!

    Patent-protected Promoitalia Happy Lift Revitalizing threads may act as an excellent alternative for the traditional surgical lifting – they guarantee instantaneous results and are, most importantly, absolutely safe: they do not expose the patient to the risk of eventual complications and side-effects. Since the groundbreaking technique of Free Floating used for applying Happy Lift threads (the inventor of which is an Italian plastic surgeon dr Ciro Accardo) does not require the incision of skin, the procedure is almost completely non-invasive and does not leave any visible marks or scars.

    The effectiveness of Happy Lift threads is as high as that of the traditional methods. However, as opposed to conventional threads, Happy Lift products are made out of polycaprolactone – a completely bioresorbable, soft material, which has been attested by the European Union and the American Food and Drugs Administration. Happy Lift threads are equipped with microscopic hooks of unique length and density, which lift and firm up the skin. Introduced underneath the patient’s skin, they perform a similar function to flexing muscles, supporting the subcutaneous tissues. As a result, after they are implanted, they function as a ‘scaffolding’ for the flaccid skin, tightening it up immediately after the procedure.

    Happy Lift products are certified with the quality and safety CE marking and their use has been approved by the Ministry of Health, as well as other institutions all over the world. Different types of Happy Lift threads are tailored for a number of different procedure techniques, chosen depending on the area of implantation or the patient’s needs and expectations.

    The procedure takes 15 to 40 minutes and may be performed in the doctor’s office or in an aesthetic medicine clinic. The threads are introduced under the skin by means of specialised needles, under local anesthesia. After the procedure a short rest is suggested, after which patients may return to their everyday activity. The revolutionary method of Free Floating minimalises cyanosis and leaves no postoperative scars nor contusions. The results are visible immediately after the procedure and the full effect is achieved usually after 2 to 3 weeks. The threads are slowly and gradually dissolved in the body, which takes from 12 to 15 months. The beneficial influence on the skin lasts up to 5 or 6 years. Happy Lift threads are recommended to people in between the ages of 30 and 60, who desire to rejuvenate their face but want to avoid an invasive surgical procedure.


    • Full face lifting
    • Forehead lifting
    • Cheeks lifting
    • Neck lifting
    • Improving skin elasticity and hydration

  • Princess LIFT

    Princess Lift (Multi-Puncture Filaments) is an absolute novelty on the Polish market of aesthetic medicine, and a perfect way to restore young natural looks. The soluble PDO threads used during the procedure greatly improve the condition of the skin and their effects are immediate and long-lasting. This spectacular treatment fuses skin revitalisation on cellular level with wrinkle elimination and gentle lifting. Princess Lift threads can be applied in almost all regions of the body – they can be used to improve the structure of skin on the face, neck and neckline as well as the bust, buttocks and legs. As opposed to traditional lifting, Princess Lift technology does not require the use of scalpel – it is quick, safe and almost completely non-invasive. Made of the soluble substance called PDO (polydioxanone) Princess Lift sutures are absorbed in less than 8 months, while the treatment’s results last up to 2 years.

    PDO thread system was invented five years ago in South Korea and is currently employed in a number of countries – Japan, USA, Brazil, Russia and in Western Europe. The products is certified with CE safety marking and may be used in all countries of the European Union.

    Polydioxanone (PDO) is a strong synthetic polymer, consisting of one (monofilament) or two (polyfilament) twisted fibers, which, after some time, dissolve within the tissue. Polydioxanone is a material that has been known and used in medicine for years. Up until now, it has been used mainly for the production of surgical sutures used in plastic surgeries, gastroenterology, urology, gynecology and ophthalmology. The material meets all requirements regarding surgical sutures provided by Farmakopea USA (USP) and is characterised by high safety profile. Basing on clinical observations, it has been confirmed that polydioxanone encourages the process of neocollagenesis in the tissues, i.e. it stimulates the production of new collagen – the protein responsible for maintaining skin tightness and tone. What is more, the stimulation of fibroblasts leads to the synthesis of elastin – the protein that answers for the elasticity of skin. During the in vivo trials it has also been discovered that polidioxanone stimulates the synthesis of natural (endogenous) hyaluronic acid.

    PDO threads are placed on very thin, sterile needles, by means of which the threads are introduced into the specific areas of face or body. The application technique takes advantage of natural skin tension lines, which additionally renders the results similar to that of surgical lifting. Depending on the place of application, PDO threads are inserted intradermally, into the underskin fatty tissue, or directly into the muscle. The intramuscular application improves skin structure by making it denser and tighter, enhancing its colour and constricting pores. The threads can be also used to smooth out fine wrinkles.

    The threads come in different lengths. Shorter ones work perfectly around the eyes as an alternative for botox, but the aesthetic effect is more natural than after the use of botulinum toxin, since facial muscles are not immobilised, but merely relaxed, smoothing out the features. The longer PDO threads are perfect for achieving a delicate jaw lifting effect.


    • face: vertical and horizontal forehead lines, forehead lifting, lowering of the external edges of eyebrows, soft and flaccid tissues, dropping eyebrows, eyelids and cheeks, distinct nasolabial fold, zygomatic furrow, double chin, marionette fold, V-lifting, dropping cheeks and lower jaw area, skin folds on cheeks, wrinkled cheeks.

    • body: folds and wrinkles on neck and neckline, firming up and sculpting of breasts, tissue flaccidity, stretch marks on buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs, insensitive skin and subcutaneous tissue (after liposuction), obesity, baldness

    By introducing a PDO thread under the skin, its appearance is immediately improved. After about 10 to 14 days the process of natural protein synthesis begins (producing collagen and elastin) and lasts throughout the whole period of the thread’s presence in the organism (from 7 to 8 months). Due to the fact that threads are absorbed quickly, there is no risk of condensation nor scarification, as is the case with large diameter fibers and sutures with long biodegradation time (more than a year). The procedures takes from 30 to 60 minutes, it is virtually painless and does not demand an exhausting period of convalescence. The aesthetic effect lasts up to 2 years.
    Princess Lift is a procedure especially recommended to patients between the ages of 30 and 55.


    • Skin rejuvenation
    • Smoothing of wrinkles
    • Pores constriction
    • Brightening of skin
    • volume increase or decrease
    • Skin lifting

    The opinion of specialists:

    “It is unbelievable what can be achieved with just an hour of treatment. The soluble Princess Lift threads are a new potential in aesthetic medicine”
    Iwona Radziejewska-Choma M.D., Croma Princess Academy

    “The improvement of skin condition is instantaneous. The procedure is virtually painless and minor redness or hematoma disappear after a couple of days.”
    Andrzej Kępa M.D., Medbeauty – Aesthetic Clinic Kępa

    “PDO threads are a new safe procedure for firming up, rejuvenation and lifting of skin – not only on the face, but also on the neck, neckline, arms, or even knees and elbows”
    Joanna Magdziarz-Orlitz M.D., Derma-Clinic


    Meso Cogs is a new line of asborbable threads that can be applied in all regions of the body. The application is quick and painless while the results of the procedure are visible immediately after it has been performed. Meso Cogs products are the solution to the most burdensome problems with the aging skin. They improve the oval of the face, correct the double chin, lift the eyebrows, sculpt bust, upper arms, buttocks, abdomen and inner thighs as well as tighten up the skin after liposuction and diet. With the new Fill Hydration method, which stimulates fibroblasts to synthesise collagen fibers, Meso Cogs products greatly improve skin hydration and elasticity. As a result, the face becomes glowing and full of vitality with smile lines and deep furrows completely smoothed out.

    Meso Cogs are longer than other surgical sutures available on the market. They are 50 cm long, 4-0 USP, and are equipped with a patented system of consistently arranged unidirectional anchors. They are made of fully digestible polycaprolactone and tipped with a needle, which is inserted under the skin. The thread’s length may be freely adjusted by the practitioner, depending on the procedure’s desired result, area of application and insertion technique. It is perfect for improving the structure of larger regions of the body.


    • Shaping the face oval, breasts, upper arms, buttocks, inner tights
    • Atonic skin after liposuction or diet
    • Face, neck and hand wrinkles, smile lines, deep cheek wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes, horizontal forehead wrinkles
    • Skin brightening
    • Filling and firming up: double chin, jaw, arms, abdomen, brows


    Vaginal Narrower is a contemporary solution to female ailments connected to the reproductive system. Post-birth damage of vaginal muscles, incorrect suturing, or age-related posterior vaginal wall prolapse are only a few of numerous problems that inhibit normal activity for many women. Vaginal Narrower is recommended for women who suffer from lowered sexual satisfaction, recurring genital infections, incontinence of vaginal discharge and pelvic organ prolapse. Vaginal Narrower is a minimally-invasive gynecological procedure, which significantly improves the cell structure of sex organs. As a result, the vulval introitus is narrowed, which decreases the chance of infection and strengthens the vulval vestibule muscles and tissues. The treatment also improves the general aesthetics of external genitalia.

    Vaginal Narrower has revolutionised surgical methods of rejuvenating the groin muscle. The technique involves the use of special threads with converging bidirectional anchors, which reduce the size of the vaginal entrance. The threads are made of caprolactone and polydioxanone, which are completely soluble and provide an instantaneous aesthetic effect. In the area where the sutures have been applied, stimulated production of collagen takes place.

    The procedure is conducted by a physician after a gynecological test and proper diagnosis. Contraindications include cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes and pregnancy. Planned conception does not constitute a contraindication against the application of the threads. The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia or short-acting intravenous anesthesia. Depending on the intensity of the affliction and the degree of the problem, one or two threads are applied. The procedure is performed without the use of a scalpel. The patient may return to her everyday activities, with the exclusion of sexual activity ( (brak tekstu) abstinence is suggested)


    • Lowered sexual satisfaction
    • Increased frequency of genital infections (dismicrobisms)
    • Incontinence of vaginal discharge
    • Pelvic organ prolapse*

    * Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition where one or more pelvic organs ( such as vagina, uterus, bladder or intestines) protrude or fall out of place. The prolapse is the result of the weakening of muscles, tendons and ligaments which kept the organs in their right place.

  • First Lift Barb

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(Polski) UNIVERSKIN przenosi do dziedziny pielęgnacji skóry myślenie właściwe dla medycyny – medyczną analizę skóry wykonywaną przez odpowiednio przeszkolonych lekarzy, dobór składników aktywnych, stężenia i długości aplikacji, a następnie monitorowanie efektów terapii. Po raz pierwszy lekarz może zaplanować minimalistyczną, opartą na wynikach klinicznych terapię pielęgnacyjną skóry, która daje realne rezultaty przy użyciu tylko jednego produktu.

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(Polski) Lekarze docenili „szczęśliwe” nici Cromy

(Polski) Tysiąc lekarzy dermatologów estetycznych z całej Polski zadecydowało – nici Happy Lift uznane zostały za Najlepszy Produkt do Niechirurgicznego Liftingu. To dodatkowa nobilitacja dla firmy CROMA Pharma, która już po raz kolejny została obdarzona zaufaniem lekarzy w tym plebiscycie! Jakość nici potwierdza również Ewa Błaszczyk, ambasadorka Princess Academy, gabinetu i centrum szkoleniowego CROMA.

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(Polski) “Kobieca intymność szyta na miarę”

(Polski) 6 listopada w Holistic Clinic Warszawie odbyła się konferencja “Kobieca intymność szyta na miarę”, zorganizowana przez firmę CROMA Pharma. Prelegentami byli wybitni specjaliści: prof. dr hab. med. Violetta Skrzypulec-Plinta prof. dr hab. med. Tomasz Paszkowski, dr Ciro Accardo oraz dr n. med. Krzysztof Gojdź. Spotkanie poprowadziła Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska.

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(Polski) Witaj na nowej stronie CROMA PHARMA

(Polski) Nowy etap działalności CROMA PHARMA to także odświeżony wizerunek strony internetowej.

Znajdziesz tutaj informacje o naszej firmie, szczegóły dotyczące produktów, publikacje prasowe oraz rekomendowane przez nas gabinety w całej Polsce, w których możesz wykonać zabiegi wykorzystujące nasze preparaty.

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(Polski) Akcja Metamorfozy “NOWA JA” z CLAUDIĄ

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(Polski) Absolutna nowość na polskim rynku – lifting z zastosowaniem nici First Lift PDO

(Polski) Na polskim rynku medycznym pojawiły się wchłanialne nici o nazwie First Lift. Nici te powstały w Korei Południowej.

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(Polski) Ginekologia estetyczna – nowy trend w odmładzaniu miejsc intymnych

(Polski) Ginekologia estetyczna to nie fanaberia ale potrzeba i istota dbania o zdrowie intymne i komfort satysfakcji seksualnej.

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(Polski) Co powinniśmy wiedzieć o niciach Happy Lift a boimy się zapytać

(Polski) Nici Happy Lift zostały stworzone z myślą o pacjentach, którzy z różnych powodów obawiają się zabiegów operacyjnych, ale też oczekują dobrego i dłużej trwającego efektu liftingu. Ich podanie do skóry jest mało inwazyjne, a gojenie następuje dość szybko.

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(Polski) Meso cogs – nowe możliwości liftingu ciała

(Polski) Zastosowanie Meso Cogs jest bardzo szerokie, dobre efekty osiągamy w napinaniu skóry twarzy, podbródka, szyi, ramion, wewnętrznej części ud, przedniej części brzucha.

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